Friday, 4 May 2012 customer at a time!

"Nice things at nice prices"

Wow! What a blast this last week has been being back in Lagos but sadly it has also been an extremely (unnecessary) frustrations due to what is widely known as the 'The Nigerian Factor' but as I know so much now that as I thinketh so it is, I refuse to dwell on those things that frustrate and feel gratitude for those that inspire, motivate and strengthen me towards my goals and vision.

Firstly I would like to say a great big

to each and every one of YOU! For all your support, words of encouragement and presence at Tee's Bargain Corner's first, extremely successful, outing at GET Arena on Sunday April 29th.
Anu swagging with her Tee's Aldo Sunglasses

It was a fantastic day of sales but most importantly happy, smiling customers who were not only happy with the range of Quality Goods available but most importantly our prices.

Ada loved her shoes and walked out with them!

"Good clothes, cheaper bargains" Monsti
"Very good bargains..." Ofure
"Excellent prices..." Ose
Victory with his Tee's Conquest

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