Thursday, 26 April 2012

Goods! Goods!! Goods!!!

Here are some of the products Tee's Bargain Corner will be showcasing at Le Petit Marche event which is at 
GET Arena, Oniru, Lekki Time 12 NOON - 7PM...

you really don't want to miss out on the incredible deals and prices that will be on offer!

Touchdown Lagos aka Lasgidi aka Gidi Town!

Okay second attempt! Leggo Swift (supposedly) 4G Broadband

So Tee's Bargain Corner has touched down in the madness that is Lagos City...I almost got knocked over by an okada who rode into me so it was a typical Welcome Back!

The flight led me to a number of different interactions that strongly resonated within me my driving force behind starting 'Tees. The first been that I was seated next to a fantastic guy who describes himself as a 'Dream-Driver' (What a fantastic Job Title right!) Mr Kola Olutimehin aka GetKola and we got into a fantastic discussion that helped me to reaffirm the goals, dreams and vision to ensure that 'Tees' becomes a recognised BRAND within Nigeria and beyond!

Sadly the second interaction was not as pleasant but again it helped to reinforce some of my driving force and vision for Tees Bargain Corner and that been the place of CUSTOMER SERVICE in a business! 

There were two flight attendant who showed me the striking difference between someone who gives GREAT customer service in that it goes far beyond the normal requirement that is provided by said service (business) and the other been someone who's total demeanour was so off putting its actually contributing to my decision to possibly stop flying Virgin Atlantic (yes its that serious)! The way I see it, if I'm paying for a service and its not to the standards that I expect, well I simply take my (hard earned) money and find an alternative competitor!  Which is why its so important for me that any interaction that you, yes, YOU have with Tees Bargain Corner will be one that will leaving you a smiling happy customer!

Thanks for coming back as I embark on my journey as Chief Bargain Hunter to ensure that the Nigerian consumer is not missing out on the bargains we enjoy elsewhere while receiving GREAT customer service with a smile!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Diary of a Self Confessed Shopaholic

Nothing thrills me more than finding that next bargain! 

When I decided to relocate to Nigeria in Sept 2010, after almost two decades away, I thought the worst things I would have to deal with were the usual suspects lack of constant electricity, the bad roads, or the general incompetencies I came across (although they did all help to make it a very frustrating year) it was the lack of REASONABLY priced products and services that was my worst nightmare! For a well renowned shopaholic like myself, it was beyond depressing that despite the frequent trips to Palms, Adeniran Ogunsanya Shoprite and City Mall the only time I actually shopped and bought an item of clothing was ONCE (ask me about that Blazer story later)!

Whilst it was pleasing to see that I could still find goods from some of my favourite high street stores (Zara, H&M, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins) it was extremely annoying that there were often at FIVE times the prices outside of Nigeria! As someone that rarely bought full priced goods even in these stores this was extremely hard for me to stomach even worse knowing most of those goods were purchased on sale or from outlet stores.

Following my NYSC year (that's a whole chapter in my book trust me!) I came back 'home' to London and resumed my old shopping habits like a child let loose in Hamleys on Christmas Eve! And despite the tough economic climates it was reassuring to find my old haunts still had those great bargains that ensured I did not need to spend a great deal of money to look absolutely fabulous. It was during one of my (many) shopping excursions that Tee's Bargain Corner occurred to me.

Tee’s Bargain Corner arose from the gap within the Nigerian market for services that sell high quality retail goods and products at a reasonable and affordable price to suit the pockets of the average Nigerian customer. Whilst there is a great demand for internationally sourced goods from the UK and USA, this often comes at an incredulous price to the Nigerian consumer. 
Tee’s mission is to deliver quality goods to the Nigerian consumers at affordable prices whilst also introducing similar levels of discount and promotions as is offered in the Western market.
Tee’s ethos includes offering further reduction to all prospective customers through promotional offers whilst seeking to reward loyal customers. At the forefront of Tee’s is the desire to guarantee a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

Tee’s specialises in providing goods and products for the every Nigerian; females and males; a university student with limited funds but a desire to maintain a decent appearance; an officer worker with meagre earnings who still wants to maintain a professional look; the family looking to have their children dressed in sensible clothing that looks great.

So it is with absolute great pleasure that I can announce that Tee's will be commencing operations in Nigeria from April 2012, the first venture will be showcasing some of our products at Le Petit Marche at GET Arena on Sunday April 29th, Time: 12 NOON - 7PM