Thursday, 26 April 2012

Touchdown Lagos aka Lasgidi aka Gidi Town!

Okay second attempt! Leggo Swift (supposedly) 4G Broadband

So Tee's Bargain Corner has touched down in the madness that is Lagos City...I almost got knocked over by an okada who rode into me so it was a typical Welcome Back!

The flight led me to a number of different interactions that strongly resonated within me my driving force behind starting 'Tees. The first been that I was seated next to a fantastic guy who describes himself as a 'Dream-Driver' (What a fantastic Job Title right!) Mr Kola Olutimehin aka GetKola and we got into a fantastic discussion that helped me to reaffirm the goals, dreams and vision to ensure that 'Tees' becomes a recognised BRAND within Nigeria and beyond!

Sadly the second interaction was not as pleasant but again it helped to reinforce some of my driving force and vision for Tees Bargain Corner and that been the place of CUSTOMER SERVICE in a business! 

There were two flight attendant who showed me the striking difference between someone who gives GREAT customer service in that it goes far beyond the normal requirement that is provided by said service (business) and the other been someone who's total demeanour was so off putting its actually contributing to my decision to possibly stop flying Virgin Atlantic (yes its that serious)! The way I see it, if I'm paying for a service and its not to the standards that I expect, well I simply take my (hard earned) money and find an alternative competitor!  Which is why its so important for me that any interaction that you, yes, YOU have with Tees Bargain Corner will be one that will leaving you a smiling happy customer!

Thanks for coming back as I embark on my journey as Chief Bargain Hunter to ensure that the Nigerian consumer is not missing out on the bargains we enjoy elsewhere while receiving GREAT customer service with a smile!

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  1. very good wish you all the best and am here to support any time